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The Challenge - count your artwork and mirrors.  One can amass a great deal of items without even knowing it.  Thirty to forty pieces is an easy number if you count large pieces, pairs, family photos, awards, decorative plates and more.  And we all like living with things that we love and can see every day.

A r t    H a n g i n g   P a c k a g e s 

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#2  Art Hanging - Selected Rooms or Whole House

#1  Art Hanging - Gallery Wall Curious?  

Recently upsized or downsized your space?

Working with art in residential spaces can be challenging.  We can take your carefully curated collection of art, and through a designer’s eye, choose the right wall for the right piece of art.  Creating new cohesive focal points can really bring a space together.  Probably just what you need.

​Great for:

  • New homeowners - upsized
  • New homeowners - downsized
  • Corporate offices
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee houses

​Great for:

  • Newlyweds (combined collections)
  • Living in Sinners (combined collections)
  • World Travelers (collections can apply to more than just framed art or canvases!)

You’ve seen the magazines, blogs and Pinterest.  It all looks good.  But how do you do it?

So many pieces of art, so little time.  Do you have 10+ pieces of art - not sure what to do?   We can take your collections (matched, mis-matched, eclectic, frame-challenged, dated or right on trend) and create a gallery wall above a sofa, up a staircase or on a wall of your choice.

Art Hanging

The Art of Hanging Art