The Art of Hanging Art

​Great for:

  • New home owners – downsizing
  • New home owners – upsizing
  • New apartment dwellers​

This could be overwhelming for some.  But we love a creative challenge. 

Let us, with our experienced vision, make your space visually appealing for entertaining or day-to-day living.

With a designer’s eye, we will discover focal point walls and create easy furniture flow areas throughout your new residence.  Let us work with your existing furniture, artwork, mirrors and decorative accessories to accommodate your new floor plan. 

Whatever your style: contemporary, traditional, eclectic, bohemian, minimalist – or even if you don’t understand your style - - we can arrange your new space through fresh eyes and a natural ability to create cohesive looks.

This Move In Designer Day assistance will help you understand what you need to think about next: paint, area rugs, contemplate something new, remove pieces of existing furniture that do not work. . . .  or nothing at all.

It might just be perfect!

Move In Designer Day Service

For more information on the Move In Designer Day Package,

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New Space? New Focal Point Opportunities. 

Design Services offered by J A Frank Design LLC